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Based in Geneva, Switzerland, Tryngo Services develops your IT solutions and assists you for most of your IT needs. We combine highly skilled professionals, fine-tuned processes and cutting-edge technologies. Our expertise and flexibility are at your service to help you optimise your costs and build a competitive advantage in your industry. We cover areas such as Software as a Service (SaaS), Mobile Apps (Android, iOS), Desktop Applications (Windows, macOS, Linux), Security & QR Code applications, Solution Implementation and Cybersecurity Audits.

Since commencing our journey in 2009, we have been making progress towards greatness in our skills and procedures. We accept the way towards progress lies in reacting to developing business sector needs, a client driven methodology and grasping prescribed procedures.

  • Tryngo Services:

    Quality, Reliability and Confidentiality at a Competitive Cost.

Why Us?

From mobile apps to desktop applications, we provide all types of software development and digitalization services.


The satisfaction of our customers relies on the Quality of our production. The skills of our staff and management is obviously key, but we have another secret: Our iterative model helps us get regular client feedback and guarantees all client expectations have been met within the contractual scope.


At Tryngo Services, we ensure to consistently perform according to set specifications. We believe the initial analysis and understanding of the scope of work combined with permanent review and sound quality testing is building our reputation.


Switzerland has one of the strongest privacy cultures in the world and current data protection laws are among the world’s most stringent. Each of our staff member is bound by a strict non disclosure agreement.


One of our competitive advantage relies in our extremely fair pricing policy. The way we are organized allows us to keep overheads as minimal.


Our customer’s schedule drives our organization. Tryngo Services dedicates and adapts its resources to the client’s deadline.


Our large team of experts is solid and mature. Each Engineer excels in its discipline and our junior profiles are systematically supervised by their elders.


Tryngo Technologies has a talented team to help you and provide you with supervised administrations adapted to your needs.


Tryngo Services has a dynamic and dedicated team that is keen to developing innovations. Our latest products are regularly made available to our Clients and Partners.

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